The Secret to Effective Law Firm Blogs 

It is unheard for a law firm to go without a legal website but posting just any type of legal content will not get the type of engagement and traffic you need to build your firm. The secret to a great legal blog is to make sure you provide interesting and informational content for your target group.

How to Choose Legal Topics

There is value in letting people know of won cases, but your blog should focus on your client. View your legal practice as a business and your potential client as the egocentric consumer.

The reality is that most potential clients are only interested in updates in legislation or in your firm if it will impact them. You should be blogging about questions received by potential clients. It is important to note of specific topic that many are interested within the legal areas in which you specialize. Create a blog that answers this question. Is there new legislation in your practice areas? Create an article that briefly discusses the change but be sure to include examples of how this might affect a certain group of people.

For example, COVID-19 has deeply affected child visitation for many couples. You can create a blog on how to deal with changes in visitation during the pandemic. Keep it short as possible and be sure to end with a persuasive call to action.

Final Word

The practice of law is extraordinarily complex and ever-changing. The good news is that it provides you with almost endless information to create content on a consistent basis.

If you need help, I am an expert in writing legal content for attorneys. As the former publications specialist for the State Bar of NV, I have created content for legal professionals as well as the general public seeking legal information. If you would like to learn more, contact me today.

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