Why You Need a Press Release

Press releases grab attention! By sending a well-written press release you are professionally showcasing your brand. A press release is one of the most affordable ways to get free advertising. When other people write about you, people notice. Well-written press releases that are picked up by news reporting platforms greatly build search engine traffic. 

The great thing about press releases is that they can be used to write about almost anything–from a new location to an upcoming marketing campaign. Whether you upload them to your company website or add them to your press kit, they are great ways to promote your company and build your brand. Here is why press releases are highly effective:

  • Today’s press releases are tagged with keywords, and if those keywords are well-chosen, they can help your release rank well for the chosen phrases.
  • They reach thousands. Press releases sent out using professional release websites can reach many more journalists and news outlets today than ever before.
  • They earn respect. There’s still something about a press release that commands respect, over a sales brochure or catalog, for example.
  • They present clear facts. If you have a controversial story brewing at your company, a press release can help set the record straight by providing facts without to the public, specifically your customers.
  • They add visual interest. Press releases are often accompanied by infographics, pictures and other visual aids that help tell the story.
  • Press releases offer additional content to be used across various platforms. Because they are fact-filled, they lend themselves easily to multiple message creation. The topic can be recycled across multiple channels such as blogs, social media messages, and more. Press releases are marketing gems that feed your online messaging for several days or weeks.
  • They expand your reach. They allow you to reach new and loyal customers on various messaging channels because. Press releases reach new and larger audiences then your social media sites and other brand channels.

In summary, press releases are an ideal way to shape brand image and public perception. It is a great way of using consistent, factual messages to offset any untrue negative brand publicity. Press releases help you manage your online image effectively in a world in which anyone can make negative comments about a company, person or product.

While they have changed over time, there’s still a basic press release format you should follow, such as what font to use, how to space your paragraphs and what the ideal length should be. Contact me today to create a great press for your brand.

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